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Women’s Hosting Series

Women’s Hosting Series

The Women’s Hosting Series is an initiative that was established after the inspirational women’s leadership program that Access facilitated for Queensland Women’s Week. Women from diverse cultures, professions and backgrounds came together to share their remarkable stories of resilience and leadership. The women expressed motivation to come together more regularly, develop their leadership skills, learn from each other and be part of their community.  The motivation these women have to connect with each other, encouraged Access to partner with the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland to establish the Women’s Hosting Series.

The Women’s Hosting Series is designed to take women on a participatory leadership journey utilising the Art of Hosting to support each other, enhance their leadership skills, build confidence and develop social connections. Through this series, the women aspire to become mentors for each other, participate at community leader conferences and make positive changes within their worlds.

22 women participated in the first Women’s Hosting Series where they explored self-care and reflected on the question ‘what would your world look like if you really took care of yourself?’

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