Access, part of the SSI Group, has launched a brand new campaign in support of Refugee Week 2022.

The Where You Belong campaign is a message of welcome to all new arrivals. It is reinforcing the idea that the responsibility lies with all of us to ensure people feel they belong, regardless of where they have come from, their backgrounds, orientation, ability or religion. When people feel they belong, they can achieve their goals and contribute to a socially cohesive society.  

To get this important message across, we interviewed six employees on the front line, and asked them, why do you do what you do? Their responses, photoshoots and interviews formed the basis of the Where You Belong campaign.

The interviews captured valuable insights from the people who are most experienced in supporting clients and community. Our hero of the campaign, Racheal Kirabo, is pictured, and has been supporting communities and vulnerable youth since 2018.  

To support the campaign’s message, a digital campaign has launched in NSW, QLD and VIC, and an exclusive QLD-only out-of-home campaign will feature all six employees on bus shelters and digital billboards across Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich.

Supporting Refugee Week has become an integral part of who we are. The campaign aims to deliver a cohesive message of belonging with a strong call to action to join our community and support a welcoming society that strives to provide equal opportunities for all.

This campaign aims to speak plainly to our stakeholders, and importantly, to our communities, on our commitment to continue to deliver support and change the narrative on new arrivals, by celebrating refugees for all the ways they enrich our society.

If you would like to get involved and be part of a more welcoming society, simply sign up to our database and stay up to date with news, information and events. 

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