Access could not exist without the effort and dedication received through its volunteers! Here’s a snippet from one of our long term volunteers Alain Paul Guillemin:

My name is Alain Paul Guillemin and I am from Mauritius, having moved to Australia in 1987. I started volunteering with Access 10 years ago and since then have volunteered in just about all areas of the organisation. Last year as a show of appreciation from Access, I received the award for best volunteer in Access for the year 2016, due to my dedication and passion for volunteering.

For me, it all started when I was a young boy and joined the Boy Scouts. It was from this experience that I learnt about service to others. Giving is something as important and as good as receiving. When you give, you offer something that is within you, it is a mode of sharing, opening and it is something that you treasure. The most beautiful feeling is when the other party receives and appreciates what you want to share. Access looks after the underprivileged, the rejected and the most deprived and gives them hope, opens the doors for them and helps them become good Australian citizens. The best part of volunteering at Access is to give generously what we have, and I believe that we all have something beautiful to share.

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