“My name is Naomi Musangi, I am originally from Congo and came to Australia when I was only 10 years old. I completed school and am currently studying community services at Southbank TAFE. I began volunteering with Access in April 2016. The main goal for my volunteering was to gain work experience and boost my confidence. I was first allocated to volunteer with the youth team, where I met program coordinator Kim. She was able to open the door of opportunity for me. I told her about my passion for hip-hop. She was able to help me become a dancing instructor, which led me to paid employment.

I also volunteered with Harmony on Carmody Café as I have previous experience working in a café.  After only one day of work experience, I was hired as an employee, which I was so grateful for. I am very happy about the great opportunities that Access has offered me, as they were beyond my expectations. To be honest, I never imagined that I could be offered so much from just volunteering. I would love to thank Access’ volunteer manager – Michael Tawadros – for his support.”