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The Yarrabilba Exchange

The Yarrabilba Exchange

Connecting Local People to Local Jobs.

The embodiment of a shared vision and commitment by the Yarrabilba Workforce Development Stakeholder Group, The Yarrabilba Exchange facilitates access to quality training, skills and employment opportunities for local residents in the developing master-planned community of Yarrabilba.

Located on Darrau Ave, The Yarrabilba Exchange is Yarrabilba’ s one stop point of contact for the broader community to access skill development opportunities, community-based job brokerage and employment services, as well as information, advice and guidance on accessing new business opportunities, and employment for local people through commercial and social enterprise development.

Providing the link between local residents and local jobs, the Yarrabilba Exchange aims to facilitate better connections between employers, employees and residents, and in so doing provide greater visibility of local job opportunities for local people.


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