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In 2015, there were over 65.3 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. 

Many have lost or been separated from their families, fleeing with just the clothes on their back. Their only way to survive is to leave everything behind and start a new life in a new, unfamiliar country. When they embark on this new journey – Access Community Services is here to help.

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Access Community Services Limited is one of Australia’s leaders in multicultural issues, with over 30 years of experience in the provision of settlement, employment, training, youth support services, housing and social enterprise opportunities for migrants, refugees and Australian born clients. Services are delivered right across Queensland with a particular focus on the South East, including Logan City, Ipswich City and the Gold Coast.

Access is a community based, not-for-profit organisation committed to community development and capacity building.


Is to provide leadership, education and support to empower individuals and communities to shape their own futures.


Is to create social, cultural and economic experiences and opportunities that transform the lives of individuals and communities globally.


Access Community Services is an umbrella organisation for a group of not-for-profit, community based entities which operate in over 15 locations across south east Queensland.

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Access will establish a global footprint by expanding its operations internationally and maintaining a leadership position as a quality provider of humanitarian, settlement, culture and employment services to individuals and communities.


Access will promote and invest in a strong national and international brand built on research, collaboration, innovation and service excellence.


Access will build financial sustainability and economic opportunities for individuals, communities and the organisation through the development of commercially viable social businesses and social enterprises.


Access will build and enhance the quality of leadership and management, ensuring organisational culture is aligned and delivers its anticipated benefits through the development of personal and professional capability of individuals and teams.


Access will partner with government, industry and communities for sustainability and growth.


Access will strengthen its focus on individuals and communities through passion, innovation, elective engagement and customised services.

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Access Community Services Limited works towards a cohesive community where everyone is valued and can fully participate in the social and economic life of the community. Access has a highly skilled workforce of over 200 workers with a diverse range of skills, experience and qualifications.


Each year Access supports thousands of new arrivals representing 180 different ethnicities, most of whom have been subject to persecution and human rights abuse in their home countries.


Access settles new arrivals across South East Queensland, with particular focus on Logan City, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

New arrivals need support to assist with a range of housing, health, education, employment, legal, citizenship, transport and like skill needs.

Education & Support

Access’ Orientation and Education Centre (The Hub) delivers a range of social, cultural, educational, employment and community participation programs to enable new arrivals to rebuild their lives in Australia.

Programs are delivered with assistance from over 80 Community Language Assistants (CLA) who speak over 40 different languages.

Employment & Training

Access provides a suite of job training and support services to enable new arrivals to obtain sustainable employment in urban as well as rural and regional areas where there are labour shortages.

Youth Engagement

Access delivers a range of youth-specific education, creative arts, leadership, holiday and other youth engagement programs to over 2500 young people each year.

Social Enterprise

Access is leading the way in addressing longstanding employment barriers through income generating community businesses and social enterprises which assist new arrivals to develop the job readiness skills to secure sustainable employment.


Empowered individuals and communities shaping their own futures.

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