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Status Resolution Support Service (SRSS)

Status Resolution Support Service (SRSS)

The Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) program provides assistance to non- citizens living in Australia awaiting determination of their visa applications. It provides access to relevant support and assistance to people as they seek to resolve their immigration status and are transitioning to mainstream services in the Australian community.

The SRSS program services include:

  • Case Management,
  • Accommodation support for eligible clients,
  • Assistance to access medical services,
  • Facilitating physical and mental health intervention,
  • Clients are assisted to connect with essential services in the community,
  • Supported to secure their own long term accommodation in the private rental market.

The SRSS program is funded by the Department of Home Affairs.

The SRSS program consists of several bands and each band specialises in supporting clients based on their individual needs.

The department is responsible for determining the band classification for each SRSS client.

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