In early August, Access was approached by the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works to nominate ourselves for a Buy Queensland Shout Out. These shout outs recognise those organisations who went above and beyond during the COVID-19 crisis – and who continue to do so throughout recovery.

In our submission, we made reference to the work Access staff has done in the past five months: Our Health Services and Access Gateway teams stayed on the ground, our Community Engagement and Educations teams  used Facebook, WhatsApp and other forms of technology to stay in touch with clients and disseminate information, the use of Zoom for Community Hub playgroups, BEMAC Booster packs and the Multicultural Sports Club's 'Keep Moving, Stay Active' Campaign were just some of the many examples we gave to show how Access went above and beyond. 

We are pleased to say our nomination was accepted, and our CEO Gail recently spoke with the Government Procurement Team on Access' behalf to talk more about this work, and how we will continue to do this now our physical locations will remain closed for the remainder of the year. 

You can read the write-up of our shout out here!