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A commitment to informed decision making through evidence-based research

Access strives to identify and drive strategic opportunities, enhance service delivery and build evidence-based research and practice.


Access is strongly committed to ensuring that all of its activities – including policy development and service provision - are informed by the best available evidence. Research, when it is of a high quality, is recognised as the most valid source of evidence for not only determining client needs but also strategies for responding to these needs.

Access is involved in a number of research collaborations which provide an evidence base to inform service planning and delivery, and systemic advocacy efforts.

From a service delivery perspective, it can be very difficult to mobilise resources to address the needs of client populations without a robust evidence base.

Current research often focuses on the general population, with refugee populations being either excluded, under-represented, or merged with other ethnic minority populations.

The research and evaluation projects we pursue, provide migrant and refugee data and evidence that is used to mobilise resources, to address identified client needs and improve service delivery. If you require further information about how to partner with Access on research proposals, please contact us via email: [email protected]


Access Evaluation Framework

To ensure consistency of performance and outcomes across the organisation, Access has developed a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach to evaluation as outlined in our Evaluation Framework. Access recognises that evaluation is an integral part of good business practice and efficiently managing services and programs at every stage of the life-cycle. It requires our leadership and management to consider and embed evaluation from the very beginning at the design stage of program development.


Migrant and Refugee Health Strategy

2017 - 2019
Access Community Services

Annual Report 14/15

2014 – 2015
Access Community Services

Annual Report 15/16 - Strategic Plan

2015 – 2016
Access Community Services

Sharing Strength


Access Community Services

A toolkit to engage culturally and linguistically diverse communities experiencing domestic and family violence. 


Annual Report 16/17

2016 – 2017
Access Community Services

Access Annual Report 18/19

2018 – 2019
Access Community Services

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