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Refugee Employment Aspirations

Refugee Employment Aspirations

In 2016 Access completed a research partnership with the University of Queensland (UQ) and QUT which investigated the employment aspirations of recently arrived refugee parents and how they communicate with their children about future occupational pathways.

Specifically, this study focused on the experiences of refugees from Burma, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ethiopia, which are among the top ten source countries for offshore humanitarian entrants. As part of data collection in Year 1, 222 refugee parents were surveyed from the Burmese (Chin, Karen Karenni), Ethiopian (Amhara, Tigrians & Oromo) and Congolese communities living in South-east Queensland. As part of data collection in Year 2, 47 refugee parents from the same communities were individually interviewed.

The short form Refugees’ Employment Aspirations and Inter-Generational Communication about Future Occupational Pathways - Final Report is available:

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