Access case workers have seen some remarkable successes and wins for their clients this year!

  • Girls suffering from low confidence are encouraged to participate in various activities to boost their self-esteem and become more comfortable with their fellow peers. The young participants usually like to dance at the end of program sessions if there is time left over; they enjoy listening to each other’s cultural music. They are all curious to learn how more about cultural music and dance. Recently, they have been learning from each other the moves for the different dances. It is great to see these girls embracing different cultures in a fun and respectful way!

  • For Sarah*, gaining her driver’s license as part of Access’ Road to Independence program meant more to her than just gaining the ability to drive. Sarah arrived in Australia on a spousal visa but was subjected to significant domestic and family violence (DFV). She was incredibly isolated and felt extremely limited in her life prospects, but still found the courage to escape her relationship and start anew.

    Sarah now has permanent residency in her own right, gained a certification in Aged Care, improved her English and made new friends and connections. Most excitingly for her, she was provided with the opportunity to take part in Road to Independence, our program that supports DFV victims to gain their license and their independence.

    Sarah dedicated herself to gaining her licence and, at the same time, started saving for a small car. She purchased her own car for the first time and recently contacted Access to tell us she passed her driver's test on her first attempt!

    Having a license has had a major impact on Sarah's life, both improving access to employment opportunities and her self-confidence and belief that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

  • 19 year-old Zac*, originally from Tanzania, was hoping to reach his goal of working in construction. With the support of his youth officer, Zac achieved his Cert I in construction and has gained an apprenticeship in fencing and commercial landscape.

*Names have been changed