On 11 November, CEO Gail Ker attended the Queensland Futures’ Institute’s ‘Queensland Policy Leaders Series - Economic Outlook for Queensland.’  A panel discussed Queensland’s economy and recovery in the aftermath of the pandemic. Read Gail’s thoughts and insights below.

“As always, these Policy Leaders Series offer a good insight into the state of play in Queensland from a variety of perspectives.  This event was no exception, with a line-up of five impressive presenters providing their views and insights into what the economic outlook for Queensland could be post COVID-19, coupled with the recent re-election of the Palaszczuk Government.

Pleasingly, the overall outlook pointed to a strong, resilient and improving Queensland economy, especially given our robust navigation of the pandemic.  It showed a premium value placed on safety and lifestyle and indications are that Queensland offers an attractive destination point domestically and internationally, especially for European and Asian investors, with our close location to Asian markets as a strong link to our State’s resources.

Some key takeaways for me were Queensland’s agricultural strength, the infrastructure that is required to grow our regions, our adaptation from international tourism to interstate and intrastate opportunities, the indication of more regional opportunities post-COVID and the need for investment from the private sector.

Lastly, the question of the economic impact this current environment has on women and youth was raised, unfortunately without conclusive response, however the issue of this continuing inequity in the workforce was noted.”

To hear the full insights from each panelist, visit https://qldfutures.com.au/qld-leaders-insights-series/.