Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, our Multicultural Sports Club (MSC) has responded with a variety of online activities to encourage ongoing physical activity.

MSC collaborated with other organisations in the Logan area to create the Logan Kids’ Online Physical Activity Library, hosted by Logan Together.

The MSC have now taken the lead, coordinating, collaborating, designing, filming, editing and developing the online physical activity content for Logan’s kids and families.

MSC coaches Anar, Sam, Makuel, Nilau, Brendon and Tresor have developed their own ability to adapt, design, structure, and deliver physically active sessions for online use.

This has involved learning to speak to camera; delivering content more succinctly; consider timing without having participants with them; make adjustments for possible different spaces people might be watching in; consider what equipment kids may have access to and provide alternatives; and build in relevant educational opportunities for both children and parents.

Brendon, MSC’s Senior Sports and Recreation Officer, was asked what he thought were the most significant benefits for the MSC being involved this program.  

“We are excited to take over coordination as this creates employment security and pathways for our casual and part-time Community Coaches. It has also challenged the team, boosted their skills, and created great networking opportunities for us all,” Brendon said.

“This experience has been great to push staff out of their comfort zones and look for alternatives to delivering online programming. For the MSC, this initiative helps to reach new audiences in Logan and build our brand, with our vision to support Logan children to ‘Be, Belong and Become’.

Logan Together has used CAP funding to contract MSC for three months. During this time, it is anticipated the Logan Kids’ Physical Activity Library will grow to more than 140 sessions.

To view the library, visit Stronger Together Logan.