A joint project between Access’ Health Impact Project Team and our Multicultural Sports Club, Access is running a 6-week swimming program for children 0-5 years through our local Community Hubs. The majority of these families are from refugee and migrant background and would not usually have access to an ongoing learn to swim program. Many of the mothers have a lack of access to transport so Access is also providing transport to those families in need. The program is more than half way through with a marked increase in the level of confidence of the children. Facilitated by the Gould Adams Park Aquatic Centre, the program encourages mums to spend quality time with their children in the pool to help them develop swimming skills, to connect with their babies through positive reinforcement as well as eye contact and embraces in the pool. Many of the mothers have reported how much their child is enjoying these weekly excursions to the pool and how impressed they are in how quickly they learn these new swimming skills. For more information on this program, contact Koren.