Multicultural Youth Queensland (MyQ) was delighted to host a state-wide forum on Tuesday, 15 September, bringing together the multicultural youth sector and stakeholders across Queensland to work on collaborative approaches to support young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

The event included guest speakers:

  • Grace, Joseph and Rachael from MyQ Council, who shared youth perspectives on experiences of COVID-19 and what needs to be done in the recovery.
  • Nadine Liddy from MYAN Australia who shared national policy perspectives
  • Eli Moore from Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma who shared perspectives and initiatives from the sector.

Discussions were had with the 52 attendees on how they could collaborate as a sector and continue to put young people at the centre of our work.

There was also a lot of interest in the upcoming National Youth Settlement Framework Training on Tuesday, 17 November. This is a national framework developed by MYAN Australia, specifically designed to enable services to respond more effectively to the needs of young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

To find out more , or register for the training, click here.

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