At Access, we are all about creating equal opportunities for our clients and in keeping with this are thrilled to have officially partnered with our NSW sister organisation Settlement Services International (SSI) in rolling their Ignite Small-Business Start-ups program out across Queensland. Ignite is an initiative developed to support people from migrant and refugee backgrounds in starting their own business, or expanding on an existing one.

The core goal of Ignite is to enable entrepreneurs from refugee backgrounds to realise their business dream and start-up a viable business in Australia. This is achieved through building a business ecosystem of support for each entrepreneur. The program taps into the skills, knowledge and experience of refugees by supporting them to navigate and succeed in the Australian business environment. Ignite uses an evidence-based model developed by the Sirolli Institute and is the first project of its kind to focus on refugees.

The program is a free, confidential service supporting individuals in building a sustainable business. To learn more, contact Michael Tawadros: [email protected].