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Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP)

The Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP), funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS), provides initial settlement support to newly arrived refugees and humanitarian entrants. The program is designed to help new arrivals settle within the local community, build their independence and ultimately rebuild their lives in Australia. The program provides tailored support to newly arrived refugees to achieve settlement outcomes, by receiving upto 18 months support through the program. The HSP program at Access endeavours to assist clients in becoming fully active and participating members of the Australian community. Through a needs-based and client-centred case management approach, HSP clients may be eligible for the following support:

  • On arrival tailored assistance (i.e. airport reception, emergency assistance and linking to essential services);
  • Needs-based case management support, information and referral pathways;
  • Monitoring of client adjustment, wellbeing and mental health;
  • Assistance in securing long-term accommodation and guidance to navigate the Australian rental system;
  • Provision of basic household goods and initial food provision;
  • Engagement with the local community and volunteers;
  • An orientation program (i.e. including topics such as Australian law, transportation. employment and education etc.)
  • Building independence, self- reliance and autonomy, with the goal of actively contributing to Australian society.
  • Specialised and Intensive Services (also known as Tier 3) can be provided to eligible humanitarian entrants and those holding certain protection visas with complex or high needs across multiple domains, for up to five years post arrival in Australia. These clients do not necessary need to be a part of the HSP program. 

“Access is like a family to me, they are so supportive and encouraging” - Kamania Butler; Access Client and Volunteer

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