Jeannette is a 23-year-old Congolese woman who was settled with her family in 2014 by Access. Jeannette recently told her case-worker that she was wanting to sponsor her husband to come to Australia. Her caseworker booked an appointment with a lawyer who advised Jeannette that it was unlikely that her husband would be granted sponsorship due to a lack of supporting evidence. Jeannette was determined to try every avenue possible to help her husband come to Australia and her case-worker helped her understand the information she would need to collect to prove her marriage. Jeannette was shown how to use email and was then able to submit her application to Immigration. Happily, Jeannette’s husband was granted a partnership visa. Upon finding out, Jeannette told her case-worker she needed assistance finding a rental property for the two of them. Her case-worker understood that since arriving three years ago Jeannette needed a refresher in the rental process. She also needed assistance with sourcing furniture for their new home, so was booked a session with our Community Education Team to educate her in the overall process of applying for a rental property. Jeannette was successful in her application for her rental property, was able to move in before her husband arrived and now has the valuable skills to live independently in the future.