An initiative of Lendlease and supported by Access, Gold Coast School of Construction, The Hornery Institute and Yourtown, Access has some great news stories coming out of our work at The Yarrabilba Exchange! The Exchange is Yarrabilba's one-stop-shop for both employers seeking local staff and job seekers looking for work. Facilitating the link between local residents and local jobs, The Exchange is also an available space for skills training, education, employment, community meetings and events.

A few recent local jobseeker success stories include:

Kerry*, a young mother of four children under five years old was looking for evening work due to her husband’s work hours. She is a registered nurse with qualifications in aged care, disability services and is currently undertaking a Bachelor in Dementia Care. The Yarrabilba Exchange staff referred Kerry to social enterprise AES who were looking for cleaners, advising them she could only work nights. Kerry secured the job, managing three nights a week.

Sarah* is a mature-aged woman with a background in health services, currently caring for her elderly father in Mundoolan. Employment staff had called several aged care facilities in the area and supported Sarah with an interview for the position of personal care worker with Centacare as a service provider, where she was successfully engaged as a part-time care worker.

Helen* is from New Zealand, and is therefore unable to receive any assistance from Centrelink or a Job Active provider. Having difficulty finding work, Helen registered with The Yarrabilba Exchange for assistance. The staff provided her with the opportunity to apply for a business administration traineeship based in the city, which she successfully secured. Helen does not mind the travel and reports her life has improved due to the financial input.

Like to learn more about The Yarrabilba Exchange? Check out the Facebook page or contact Diana. *Names have been changed for the purpose of this publication.