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Disability Employment Services


Access Community Employment Services has been working within the employment sector for over 30 years! As a community based organisation focussed on improving the lives of individuals and communities, we have found thousands of jobs for people in a wide range of industries!

At Access, we believe in creating equal opportunities for everybody and therefore believe a disability should not prevent you from achieving your employment goals! We embrace a person’s ability and focus on what people can do!

Access’s DES program, provides people with a disability, health condition or injury with high-level, personalised employment solutions, to help with the transition back into the workforce. We offer training, education options and one-on-one support, to find the right job for you!

With access to our allied health services, Access can also provide support for a number of additional challenges that can make finding a job or starting work challenging. As a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) specialist, Access can also provide translation assistance and support in a range of areas.

If you are going to Centrelink for assistance in finding employment, ask for Access as your employment provider! If not, come in and talk to us and we can start your employment journey now!

Contacts us for more information. | (07) 3412 8222



Are you in year 11 or 12 at school? Access Disability Employment Services can assist students with significant disability to transition from school to post-school open employment. 

Contact us to talk about how you can Directly Register with Access Community Services Disability Employment Service

I also need flyers developed to use for youth in schools. Just a DL size would be good. The image needs to be attractive to youth. Many youth that are eligible would have autism or anxiety, therefore an image of only 1 or 2 young people maximum would be good. The wording can be as above but again we need to reference that DES is an Australian Government Initiative and need the DES logo on the flyer.

Contacts us for more information. | (07) 3412 8222

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