Recently, we have seen the Black Lives Matter movement gain significant momentum, and closer to home, Indigenous Lives Matter, which has closely resonated with many of us who work in the culturally and linguistically diverse spaces. This has shown us that now, more than ever, we are being asked to shift our perspectives, open our eyes wider and advocate for justice, equality and fair opportunities for minorities in our communities.

Here at Access, we have long advocated for equal opportunities and fair treatment for those who are most vulnerable. With many of us returning to our workplaces following quarantine, what are you doing to support diversity in your workplace?

We have been offering interactive training sessions on how to leverage and embrace culturally-diverse workplaces for some time. These sessions are facilitated by an experienced Diversity Training Coordinator who offers an engaging, emotive session that can be tailored for any organisation.

Some benefits of Culturally Responsive Practice Training include:

  • Gaining an understanding of cultural competency
  • Enhancing service/organisation delivery
  • Supporting recruitment and retention of high performing staff from diverse backgrounds
  • Nurturing innovative solutions through diverse perspectives
  • Increasing reach to a diverse client and stakeholder base
  • Making diversity a competitive advantage
  • Achieving diversity goals and benchmarks

Training can be delivered in-house and online, but we do recommend in-house training for a more authentic and engaging session. We provide speakers who represent true, lived experience voices, and often these speakers provide the most compelling parts of the training. 

At Access, we have been living and breathing diversity for over 30 years, with a workforce that speaks over 100 languages.  When you choose Access, you are directly contributing to our self-funded initiatives that support vulnerable communities to achieve their full potential.

If you are interested in facilitating a Diversity Training session, please email [email protected]