I am pleased to provide an update on the Better Laws for Safe Queensland campaign, an initiative to strengthen Queensland’s hate crime laws, which Access has been involved with.

Towards the end of April, the State Government established a Parliamentary Committee to review Queensland’s racial vilification and hate crimes laws, and encouraged people to make a submission.

Research has shown that under-reporting is a significant problem and is related to the current inadequate protections against racism. Currently, the Anti-Discrimination Act (1991) needs improvement to properly hold perpetrators of racism and hate crimes accountable. A Parliamentary Inquiry will hear stories of racial vilification and hate crimes, before reviewing the Anti-Discrimination Act (1991). 

Access will be making a submission to the Inquiry, which will include the response from we receive in this survey.

At Access, we have found that our staff, our clients and community members, have experienced racism. Your story is important and could contribute significantly to a powerful submission. We have prepared a survey to make it easier for you to submit your experience. We appreciate that racism is a sensitive and challenging conversation to raise with clients and communities.

If you have experienced racism, I urge you to complete the survey by clicking here.

Every story of racism matters.

Take care,