For regional artists and art workers, creative opportunities and work have stalled due to COVID-19. Thanks to Access’ multicultural arts program, BEMAC, artists have the chance to showcase their work online.

As the provider of the Regional Arts Services Network (RASN) in Logan and Ipswich, BEMAC is encouraging Logan and Ipswich based arts workers who need funding or creative mentorship to apply for their new Creative Booster Pack.

Indian Rangoli sand artist, Madhu Khana, from Daisy Hill, is a recipient of one of these packs.

“When I saw that BEMAC was launching their Creative Booster Pack, my eyes lit up. I thought, finally I’m able to do something from home,” Madhu said.


“For me, it’s not about the money, it’s more about giving me something to feel happy about.

“Mentally, art is the thing that keeps you happy. A kind of food for the soul.”

Madhu also works as a Special Education teacher and often combines her passions of teaching and sand art with her students. She hopes to make videos of creating her sand art for people to watch online, and if given the chance, stream online workshops for children and adults also.

BEMAC is looking for more creatives, like Madhu, to tell their stories through their art forms and showcase their creative projects online.

“This could be in the form of song writing, writing a play, a short story, creative work, building a website, shooting a short film, creating a visual artwork, creating a public art Marquette, it could be any creative idea really,” says BEMAC Program Manager, Ant McKenna.

“At a time when everyone is so heavily engaging with digital content online, it’s the perfect time for local artists and arts workers to bring their new projects to life and promote them online to potential new audiences.

“That’s exactly what BEMAC can help with right now! As well as funding, our creative team can help support and mentor artists, help them navigate further arts funding avenues, collaborate with other artists, and help them with digital marketing and social media promotion.”

To be eligible for BEMAC’s Creative Booster Packs, your creative idea should be new, can be completed in a two-week time frame, and delivered in your home or studio based in Logan (or Ipswich) with video documentation so your art can be shared far and wide. For terms and conditions and to apply, visit