Delivering integrated health care is essential to improving outcomes for all people who use health and social support services.

The Allied Health team supports clients through case management, health awareness sessions, and social inclusion engagement activities.


A Centre for Multicultural Mental health and Well-being

Harmony Place is a non-government community-based organisation providing mental health and wellbeing services specifically for people and communities from diverse cultural and language backgrounds. We offer a range of early intervention programs and specialist mental health programs that promote emotional and social wellbeing and reduce the risk of mental illness.

For more information on Harmony Place, contact us or visit the website. 

Phone: (07) 3848 1600

Health Impact Project

The Health Impact project provides an innovative place based approach in supporting parents and children who access the Logan Community Hubs to achieve optimum health outcomes. The project recognises early prevention and intervention in achieving positive health outcomes comes from place based service delivery, collaboration and evidence based practice. Our approach ensures holistic and planned interventions with effective coordination of resources and complementary services that are un-intrusive, practical and directed by the client.


Partners in Recovery

The PIR program aims to better support people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs (and their carers and families), by engaging with multiple sectors, services and supports they may come into contact with (and could benefit from) to work in a more collaborative, coordinated and integrated way. Through system collaboration, PIR will promote collective ownership and encourage innovative solutions to ensure effective and timely access to the services and supports required by people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs to sustain optimal health and wellbeing. Harmony Place along with nine other organisations deliver the PIR program under the Brisbane South Primary Health Network Consortium.


Mental Health Literacy

Harmony Place offers CALD mental health awareness sessions in a fee for service model. The services offered are threefold which include; wellbeing consumer information sessions, mental health first aid courses, and cross cultural training (with a focus on mental health). The programs are aimed at decreasing mental health stigma in CALD communities, and improving the overall mental health and wellbeing of participants.


Social Inclusion Groups

A variety of different group activities happen on a weekly basis at Harmony Place. These groups include conversational English class, Art class, Spanish Women’s Group, CALD Women’s Group, and CALD Men’s Group. All of the groups occur in a non-threatening, community, and culturally appropriate environment, which best cater for the needs of the participants whom may be socially isolated due to mental health issues. The groups not only provide value skills to participants (such as learning English), but achieve many additional outcomes such as minimising social isolation, building confidence, overall increased wellbeing, improved access to community services, and increased interaction into the wider community which includes persons of all cultures.

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