Last month, Access donated two cars to high schools in Logan to support local young people's education, life skills, and employment prospects.

The cars were formerly used in Access’s driving school and will now be used by Woodridge State High School and Mable Park State High School to support young people learning to drive.

The schools will utilise the cars as part of Turning Point, a new community initiative that will support young drivers. Turning Point, will assist students in gaining the supervised driving hours required to gain their provisional licence.

On Friday 28, May, Access CEO Gail Ker visited Woodridge SHS with Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Investment, the Hon. Cameron Dick MP for the announcement of “Turning Point”.

Local member Minister Dick, is a keen supporter of Woodridge SHS and has donated $2000 towards the Woodridge SHS P&C Association for the community initiative.

“We know how important having a driver’s licence can be for young people in our community,” he said

“Qualifying to drive can mean the opportunity to gain a job, to pursue further education and to participate in social activities that they may not otherwise be able to access.

“Young people in our community can face significant barriers to completing the required 100 hours of supervised driving, and that is why I am happy to support this program with a donation of $2000 towards the driving program.”

 “Access has always been about collaborating with the local community and providing resources to change people’s lives. With 60% of the Logan population under 30, it is important that we support the young people in our community, especially as we emerge from COVID-19,” Gail said.

“Woodridge State High School has been a good friend and neighbour of Access for a long time. It is a very multicultural school, attended by a large number of our youth clients.

“Having a licence is important for kids with a culturally and linguistically diverse background, kids who often don’t have parents who drive. Having a licence will help remove barriers to their physical, economic and social wellbeing.

“It opens more choices, with greater freedom and independence and opportunities for employment.”

Woodridge State High School is launching this initiative for students from the beginning of Term 3, with plans to extend the initiative to the wider community. Consequently, this will then create more opportunities for economic advancement in the area.