Access was proud to accept the award for Settlement Innovation at the Australian Migration and Settlement (AMS) Awards, held in October of this year.

The award was in recognition of the recent initiatives undertaken at The Access Gateway.

The Gateway has always been a welcoming space for refugees, migrants and Australians from all backgrounds, and now its new model of care provides holistic support and services all under one roof.

“The Gateway is a one-stop shop for providers to come together and provide holistic support and services to local refugees and migrants,” said Gail Ker, CEO of Access Community Services Ltd.  
“Newcomers can access a host of programs offered by various organisations within the community, eliminating the barriers to navigate multiple systems and services,” she said. 

The Gateway Model has a strong focus on collaborative service delivery, working with multiple partners and service providers to ensure the community has the best opportunity to access a wide range of services from one place.

“Programs include English classes, social and community connection programs, volunteering opportunities, legal advice, health services, family support, domestic violence services, and employment and training opportunities. As new needs arise, new and additional partners and services are brought on-board to meet that need of the community,” Gail said.

As a newcomer, it is critical to build networks, create new friendships and learn to navigate systems and processes, and The Gateway has fostered a foundation of understanding from both new migrants and those who support them.

Access is proud to have won the award and remains committed to maintaining The Access Gateway as a place of connection and interaction for the many thousands who walk through the doors each year.

To learn more about The Access Gateway Model and the programs available [email protected]