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Access Community Employment Services

Access Community Employment Services

Access Community Employment Services provides a quality vacancy filling service to employers and industry. The focus is on building relationships with employers to be able to understand the requirements of each business, the specifications of the job vacancies they want filled, the selection criteria and the personal qualities desired in order to put forward the best suitable candidates.

The free job placement program is inclusive to all jobseekers over the age of 15. Employers engaged include Teys (The Teys we work with are are not Logan based, but regional and make up part of an employment led regional migration strategy) Brothers, Woolworths, Mushroom Exchange, Cosmetic Manufacturing Company, BJP, Plant Tiles, Coffee Club and McDonalds.

The programs unique ‘place-based’ employer focused model has already seen rapid positive results for both job seekers and employers, highlighting the success of this new way of operating. 

Programs run under Access Community Employment Services include:

  • Skilling Queenslanders for Work
  • The Yarrabilba Exchange
  • Regional Relocation Services
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