Seven families can soon officially call Australia home, with our Settlement Engagement and Transition Support [SETS] team helping clients from Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Ethiopia complete Australian citizenship applications!

Since the beginning of April, despite the physical closure of our offices, SETS caseworker Win Pe, has helped a record 55 clients prepare for citizenship requirements remotely, with 17 clients already submitting their applications.

At the beginning of our shutdown, our clients had limited knowledge and experience of using email, video conferencing and the scanning of documents, but thanks to Win, our clients were empowered with new skills to help them complete this process.

Using calls, texts and emails, Win helped families collect the necessary identification documents and coached them through scanning and sending these documents, as well as how to print relevant paperwork.

Win also helped clients pay for their applications online and send off the final application at the post office via videoconferencing methods.

All our clients are very happy to have learned these new skills, as well as how to communicate with their caseworker remotely.

We can’t wait to celebrate with them when they pass the citizenship test and officially become Aussies!

For more information regarding support around citizenship applications or settlement queries you can contact our Gateway Officer on 07 3412 9980 or email [email protected]